About The Baking Pagan

The Baking Pagan is a punk vegan baking company based in Northern California. We operate as a licensed Cottage Industry and adhere to the same standards as other bakeries and food manufacturers. The Baking Pagan is run by Emily & Chris, seen below.

About “Vegan”

We do not put any animal products of any kind in our cookies. None. At all. No dairy, no eggs, no animal milk, no butter, and our sugar is bone-char free.

About “Thoughtfully Sourced”

All possible care is taken with sourcing every single ingredient to make sure we are purchasing from sustainable, fair-wage companies. Which is why these cookies cost a bit more, so you can eat them and feel good about supporting working people all over the world, and not lining the pockets of some corpo-scum or oppressive third-world dictators.

About “Punk As F***”

We are DIY, battle-vest wearing, old school punks who looked around at the vegan cookie options in our local stores and online and said “this sucks”. We’ve been cooking and baking for a long time, for friends and professionally, and it’s time to share our cookies with the world.

Gluten Free?

No, sorry. We have tried several times to make gluten free products but they end up being far below our standards of a quality product (as Chris said with a grimace, “ugh, these taste like they’re good for you”).

Thank you!

Thanks for checking us out!